Q. What is Eco Wood Stain used for?

A. Treating any outdoor or indoor wood structures

  • Fences, Siding, Interior or Exterior (not suitable for desks)
  • Picnic Tables, Outdoor Furniture, Flower Pots
  • Marinas, Wood Street Signs, Birdhouses
  • Gazebos, Windows, Doors and more

Q. How is Eco Wood Stain non-toxic?

A. It has been tested by Independent Laboratory Testing to determine there are no harmful substances to the environment, including air, water, soil, and plants/trees. It contains no solvents and no chemicals. The natural weathering process results in high UV protection. Eco Wood Stain is safe to use around children and in playgrounds / play areas.

Q. Is Eco Wood Stain truly maintenance-free?

A. Yes, Eco wood stain’s formula (the untinted version).  Eco wood’s tinted version of the stain will slowly fade away after 5 years.

Q. Is Eco Wood Stain easy to use?

A. Definitely. Simply mix the powder with water. Add liquid colored tint and the apply it with a brush, sprayer, or roller directly onto the wood surface. Be sure to cover the entire wood surface. As the wood begins to dry, finger and footprints will disappear. After the application, occasional cleaning with soap and water will keep the wood clean.eco wood stain is a easy wood stain to use ,No chemical cleaners or bio washes should be used on the wood before application,

Q. How do I store the remaining product?

A. Store remaining, unused powder on the shelf in a dry location. It should last avery long time. After the product has been mixed with water, store the remaining liquid in a sealed jar. Shelf life of the liquid is about 1 month.

Q. Can I apply tints, stains, or sealers over Eco Wood Stain?

A. Yes, Any water based sealer can be applied over Eco Wood Stain.